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Как кот всех разбудил в воскресенье утром
st lazare, train
Same story in English

Пишу работу. Слышу какой-то крик снаружи. Сначала подумал дети играются, они тут любят в футбол круглые сутки играть (нет, какие нормальные родители разрешают детям в 2 часа ночи в футбол играть? Ладно бог с ними...). Крики не умолкают и "громкость крика" уже начинает мешать "громкости музыки", которую я уже слушаю через наушники.
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A Cat Wakes a House on a Quiet Sunday Morning
st lazare, train
Тот же пост по-русски

I am working on a paper, when I hear screams and cursing (in Portuguese), coming from outside. First, I think it's kids playing football. Here they seem to play at any hour of the day. I don't know what type of parents let their kids play at 2 in the morning, but that's another story. The shouting gets louder by the minute. It's now louder than my music in my headphones. If you've never heard how Portuguese speak, according to one New Zealand newspaper reporter, "It's like drunk Eastern Europeans." I'll add "...especially when they're arguing..." I look outside and see this woman running up and down, up and down, up and down about seven stories of a ten-story building, looking for something (or someone) and peeping into everyone's balcony. I'm thinking to myself: maybe she lost her laundry, or a clothing pin, who knows? But why the noise?!

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